The workings of the universe

Every morning I send something out to friends on Watsapp. Along the lines of something that I was ruminating , the previous evening or something that I was forced to face or re look at, while trying to understand what a friend was facing at the same time.So I sent this Image specially pertaining to a particular friend’s experience In Chandigarh.


Around the same time we ladies were brainstorming on the content of our blog. Not aggressively but just leaving a lot of easy comfortable spaces to let each of our subconscious’ chew and we had  our mental muscles agile & energies vibrant . We were primarily perceptive to anything that could come our way.

Simultaneously A friend Sujatha Renganathan from Indore (who had no clue of our discussions about the blog or the message I had sent earlier that morning) sends me this beautiful image like a quirk hand of the universe in action …

IMG-20141126-WA0005with these lines : “Perception is ones own: a piece of leaf or the prettiest smile seen naturally …”

Bringing to me the refreshing thought that even simple images like these can initiate a discussion here on a blog. Yes! We were watching other people connected to us, assisting us  and prodding us to bring shape and life to this blog . Each of them as if magically brought to us. We were getting a warm feeling of gratitude. As if that was not sufficient, As soon as i shot out this image from Sujatha, to my friends, another friend Richa arora from Jallandhar sends me this one in reply :

IMG-20141126-WA0013To perfectly tie up the experience with a snug bow! Richa had replied to the previous image , giving us another perspective on the same topic. Oh yes! We had started a discussion purely with images.

Thank you girls, each of you helped create this piece!

See how we are connected? See how what we give out to others or to each of the fundamental pieces of energy of this universe , is returned to us , not necessarily by the same people or in the same time frame..

Just by slowing down everything that had happened over a few hours, we were able to watch the universe in action.  We were pleasantly surprised. We felt confident knowing a magnanimous supportive hand by our sides. This firmly anchored our trust in the mechanics of the Universe. These events nudged us to

  1. Open and expand ourselves out
  2. Pour out our creative energies freely,
  3. Fine tune our frequencies, to keep it open and unobstructed.

oh! and were we having Fun!!

Im sure many of you have had such experiences , we invite you to share them here with us to multiply this feeling of faith and awe. This familiar quote comes to mind :



32 thoughts on “The workings of the universe

  1. Very well written and must agree….. A friend and I were toyin with an idea of starting a group for women ,here in the township , just to talk to , add value, help each other with our fears and faiths, our joys and perils ….. and viola, Here I get a message to check out this blog !!

    Wonderful ! 🙂


  2. Beautiful thoughts Venus. I think a great start.
    The beautiful post of leaf/smile triggered a thought process in my mind also. I realised that I need to be grateful for even not small…..,,but routine things in life like able to walk, eat, sleep, see etc.
    I went thru some trying years in life regarding my health issues and would pray for a small time pain free. But with gods grace the time passed and I got better. But what I also did was started taking the small blessings of leading a normal life for granted. After reading sujatha’s post I was jolted and suffice to say am thankful everyday for gods blessings and surprisingly am more happy and content
    Thanks sujatha


  3. I’m sure there’s science to it as well! Resonance? Is that the correct term? Our thoughts and words send out waves and are reflected back from the people and things we are connected with at some level.


  4. I was reminded of these lines Shared by a friend on facebook.”The Universe is saying -Allow me to flow through you unrestricted and you will see the greatest magic you have ever seen.”


  5. Good one Sis. Enjoyed reading …….
    Just wanted to share……….
    Life is an Echo. All comes back.
    The good, bad,false and the truth.
    So give the world the best you have
    and the best will come back to you.


    • Absolutely love the share sis! That’s what this Blog is about pouting into this cauldron all our inner thoughts , doubts , questions even beliefs…. To churn out an evolution of each of us 🙂
      Thanks for taking the time dear


  6. Venus…you four have tapped on Mind power and with its immense potential……there is no stopping…
    All the best

    “Bande he hum uske……….


  7. the universe

    Good morning friends
    Close ur eyes & visualise having what u really want and
    the feeling of having it already.
    Focus on being grateful for what you have already………
    and enjoy it !!!!!!!
    Then release into the universe.
    The UNIVERSE will manifest it.


  8. Got me thinking about the proverbial “half glass’ theory. To a person with an effervescent, positive outlook it looks like a ‘glass half full’ which will eventually brim over. To another it may appear to be ‘already half gone’ and emptying out fast. Guess this depicts perspective too. Which in turn subconsciously engineers attitudes. And technically speaking, both appear wrong when we see this image I found courtesy the net… which shows that one 1/2 is full of water and the other 1/2 is full of air. So, it’s always full!

    glass full


  9. Dear all , this is kind of personal….may get a little to sweet to handle to watch out……I have written many a note to my husband many a times…… and then the though t occurred ,that since most of you may have husbands (wives in case there are men reading this post) and would be feeling the same way, I’ll share this .
    This story is about the Hollywood heartthrob of olden days Charles Boyer ! Sauve,dapper,handsome,…lover of some of the most famous and beautiful women of silver screen…. On camera ,in papers ….. but in real life it was very different.

    He had just one woman, for 44 years, his wife Patricia ! She developed liver cancer and the doctors told Charles. He could not bear to tell her. So he sat by her bedside to provide hope & cheer. Day and night for 6 months. He couldn’t change the inevitable and Patricia died in his arms. 2 days later Charles was also dead. By his own hand. He mentioned that he did not want to live without her.
    He said “ her love was life to me”.This was no movie, it’s was the real story , Charles Boyer’s story.

    Reading this I found a strange comfort, a warmth.Touched by the depth of his love behind the sham of a glamorous life.Comforting to know that a man & woman can love so much for so long.

    Wonder in a similar situation how I would handle my grief and loss? I pray I never have to be in his position There are moments when I look across the daily ordinariness of life and see the person I call my husband,friend,mentor,partner,companion and then it strikes me. I understand why Charles did what he did It really is possible to love some one that much. I know I am completely sure !!

    And this universe contains this too…. All this love !


    • Wow beautifully written Shree on the one hand you describe this beautiful love and relationship each one of us share with our spouses..
      And a fear each one of us may be holding deep in ourselves…
      But you goad us on saying this love is out there in our universe to hang on to wait to see what it has to offer too!
      Thanks shree you stir something inside me for want to do some more searching, questioning inside of me on same….


      • Awww:) That’s such a lovely way to compliment ! Thank you ! ( would be wonderful to know you ) Yes , in the everyday routine we very often forget to sit back and enjoy the love we are surrounded with.( I often catch my self in this situation) and when the realization happens it reduces me to tears …. tears of joy, tears of a comforting warmth that we are so blessed to have this love !


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