Feeling nurtured

imageThis piece has been published by Ambalika Rana from Ho Chi Minh City , Vietnam.


Since Sunday evening the doctors had permitted us to take Papa on his wheelchair to the garden in the hospital premises . Having done that Sunday evening, we noticed Papa actually was feeling relieved, for someone who had not left his ICU room since10 days. We resolved to repeat the jaunt Monday evening. I returned to the hospital from office around 5pm, had a warm cup of coffee and we set out.

It was cloudy but there was not even a suggestion of a drizzle, let alone rain. Papa, Mummy and me set out ,with me ,taking Papas’ wheelchair and we rambled along the generous 2 km hospital drive way . There was a silence in the driveway except when it came alive when cars whizzed past every now and again– it was safe to walk here with the road being amply spaced. We could see the main road ahead and Pappa wanted to just nonchalantly look at the traffic for a bit…..yes, one does miss something as mundane as the traffic,when one has been enclosed in a 4 walled hospital room .

All of a sudden we saw this man walking just behind us. Papa saw him too and was a little uneasy, suspiciously asking me , “why does he walk so close to us…….” we chose to ignore him. There wasn’t any shelter along the driveway and this man just appeared out of nowhere. I forced myself not to give it another thought and continued walking. About 5 minutes later it starts to drizzle. Mummy and I looked for a tree to stop under, hoping it would stop soon, we couldn’t turn around and walk back as we had covered about a kilometre from the hospital building . It was not possible to walk back in the drizzle, especially since Papa was just recovering from pneumonia and getting him wet wasn’t a good idea . It then starts to pour – cats and dogs! We covered Papa with all the shawls and a bedcover that we had but he started to get wet and we started to panic. It was hardly 2-3 minutes of this and guess what – the strange man gets out this huge umbrella – the kind that you have in open air restaurants and he starts to walk towards us. All of us are just amazed at where he got that umbrella from? why did he think of helping us? it was just magical!

We really felt some divine force at work. I can’t even begin to tell you how I felt, but this morning I just needed to put it in words to share it with you. It was like our creator was watching over us, and came in as this unassuming man with this huge umbrella enough to cover all 4 of us including the wheelchair – so Unbelievable! Yet so comforting.

We stood there for 10-15 min and then my brain kicked in, I called the hospital to send an ambulance to pick us up. If it was not for this man, Papa would have been drenched wet and I am sure it would have led to complications just when he was getting better. I thank you God for all the care that you take of my family, my friends and me. I just cannot thank you enough. It was a small incident but has had a huge impact on me. And I had to share it.

It gives us great pleasure to share an incidence that touched one of our blog readers. She encourages us to look and see our creators magic hand in our lives too and to thank him for every little blessing in our lives daily.


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