This poem has been penned by Purva Passi from Gurgaon

Saw a little girl traveling down a road,
Struggling to find someone to call her own…
People around, everyone she belonged to,
But something was amiss, someone wasn’t home…
She smiled and cried to please whoever she saw,
Told them stories so everyone would grow…
With every story she told,the more she tired,
Mired in all the patterns to uphold…
Time passed, her family grew, the more they grew the little she knew,
Kept missing the approval of someone she knew, long forgotten but a memory so true…
And one day all hell broke loose,
She took the step the only one she knew.
It changed her completely and suddenly she grew…
Came out of her shell so she could prove,
I’m not daddy’s little girl, I need to bloom..
And again she looked for someone, someone she knew,
This time she found her in the mirror of her room.

This was then shared by Another friend :


9 thoughts on “She

  1. nice narration of sad life experience…
    but this is the way we grow…nd it is continious process of realizing true divine power and generating eternal faith nd love…


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