Hammering change!

image Have you ever tried unscrewing the cap to a bottle which just wouldnt budge..

We try and try,
Try it with a cloth,
Try warming it up,
Try it with a new set of hands(sometimes many šŸ˜Š)
Then we also let it down for a while.

But we dont really let up..

When we are faced with trying times in everyday life
Situations with a colleague,A friend, A sibling, A parent Or a child..

We sometimes believe it takes out all of us.

But what if its just meaning to readjust us.
To ply our fixed opinions.
To stretch our limits to our capacities.
To jerk our tenacious resistance to change
To wiggle our anchored prejudices.
Or skew what we believe we see.

Oh! thouroughly jolt the limiting labels we place on ourselves…

Yes its unbearable sometimes,
Its messy ,
But then, do we allow as easily..?

So look again…
What is indeed happening?


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