What do I choose to wear today?

imageI feel like pink today.
Is my hair perfect?
Is my outfit ironed creaseless.
Do these earring match up?
And my hands.. I need something here that would complete this picture…
Yes now that’s perfect!

So lets spend some time watching our thoughts that pass through our head. Yes they are plentiful these “thoughts ” just like our wardrobe…
We dont fight the clothes we dont want but some are still there in our closet, so too these thoughts they are there yes.
Let’s spend some time choosing The emotions that come forth from these thoughts.
Let’s invest some time choosing our accessories .. Our reactions also birthed from those very thoughts.

Let’s pick just as carefully…

So what is it “we” choose today?


19 thoughts on “What do I choose to wear today?

  1. Righty said venus. I understand completely what you’re saying. Infact this time has fallen hard on me. Its difficult not to feel scared when you’re thrown in front of a lion. Same way my mind is flooded with all those thoughts that are somehow killing me inside, taking away my joy and making me feel worthless, but this blog has really made me feel happy about myself. Its like a ray of hope that has brought light in my life.


    • Thanks Reena for coming forward and sharing your own personal feelings and also the “thought” to decide to choose what is uplifting… You encourage many others too including me to continue to choose likewise 🙂


  2. All the thoughts, all the feelings, the smile, the frown, the crease on my brow are all mine and whether to wear them on my self today is my decision. I shouldn’t allow people and situations to rule my decision.
    if I’m going to a party, however low I’m feeling inside I’ll change into a nice party dress and go, similarly however badly the people or conditions are treating me, I have the choice to put on a smile, push back the things pulling down my spirit, hold my chin up and step into the world. My choice!


    • Wow Richa, beautifully written ! Absolutely true “my choice”! Thank you for adding your views and spicing up this to help us enforce the same in our daily lives Richa 🙂


  3. V well said Venus. we really need to spend some time choosing our accessories.I ll definitely work on it 👍


  4. Today’s thought from you is very relevant particularly for me coz we are 3 generations in one house.Its just that every time I speak to people around me I make sure I think twice n carefully pick up my words n react.Especially when I speak to older people I use my mind n then react .In some conversations silence is all that’s needed.Its the exact opposite when I speak to my kids as you need to open your heart n speak,teach n encourage them.There are days when all the 3 types of conversations conflict n thoughts from you make me take a breath n start from scratch.Keep writing to keep me encouraged!


  5. So nicely put Venus. Sometimes we don’t have control on what we are thinking and sometimes the thoughts on forced on us by circumstances. So today I decided not to think about anything and take a break from this heat and do nothing but relax. A lot depend on our attitude to decide what to wear.


  6. comfortable clothes outside..n..calm inside…in harmony with truth…makes life beautiful…yes i too think we should make positive choices to ..comfort our souls…inside


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