Can we see “MAGIC” today?

unnamedUs walking was once a miracle our parents treasured . They waited with abated breath to watch.

So was the 1st sight of the eyes that blinked up at us in feeble recognition when our  children were born.

So were the 1st words that we spoke when we were born – heart melting.

Now where has all this magic gone? Is it all gone?

No, just considered routine..everything about ourselves and everyone we see is now considered normal and obvious.

We crave for more..

To be as good looking as her.
As prosperous as him.
More influential than her.
More sharp witted than him.

And once we arrive at the more, don’t we want more?
Some of us even gloat and show others we are better than them?

What are we taking for granted today ?

What blessing are we not acknowledging?

What are we truely grateful for today?


17 thoughts on “Can we see “MAGIC” today?

  1. So true .. Maybe emotional education is what is lacking.. We do not teach them to look for the beauty around .. We only measure a person’s worth by the money he/she earns.. Either that or anyone dependent on another starts being treated as a second class citizen.. But we are all materialistic and it is but natural we teach them what we are..
    I am today grateful for this blog i m reading.. For the constant reminders about the benevelonce of universe that u keep giving me.. For this friendship which is non judgemental.. For all my lovely friends whose love just pours without expectations.. For my son who actually is a miracle in himself.. For all the love that abounds with family, my parents, siblings, husband..for my daily bread and all the material abundance that God has blessed me with..for my good health and that of my family and friends..
    I pray to God to bless u and all that i come in contact with , with abundance of love and good things in their lives..


  2. When we watch a magic trick happen, believing it is ‘Magic’ even our eyes smile, we get goosebumps! The feeling is incredible. If we go through life, trying to take notice of all the magic happening around us, how amazing that feeling would be!


    • Beautiful words Richa, I’m exploring the magic of my finger’s muscles and bones and my nervous system working together to help me type… Hmmm there’s magic everywhere!
      In my kids’ voices and expressions…truly many reasons to be grateful!


  3. So true. We should be grateful for what we have only then we can know what satisfaction feels like. Otherwise even at heights of success a person remains unsatisfied and unhappy.
    Thanks for sharing this with us.


  4. Actually so true, we keep asking for more without appreciating what we have with us!!once we realise the beauty of things with and around us, then we realise the blissful today! !


  5. We all have stopped being ourselves.we want ourselves to look, do things that other likes . comparison and judging are the two pillars of misery and sorrow.So stop comparing and judging.just cherish this life and bow to the creator.


  6. All of us r born with a talent that make us unique n stand out from the rest.Its just that some of us r unaware of what golden quality we possess.It’s a highly competitive world where each one of us has to excel to make a mark n stand out from the rest;we r all raised that way.The magic is not gone.It’s there in each one of us.We need to just search,discover what unique quality we have. The day we discover ourselves is our day of enlightenment. From then on each day we live is a magic.It doesn’t end there.However old we r,we need to nurture n maintain that unique quality to find out what magic can we create for others as well!!!


  7. Treasure the drops, savour the seconds. And keep counting your blessings. Once when I hurt my finger, my daughter told me to thank God because “ma, your whole hand may have been broken, but He made it into just a finger hurt”. That logic works for me. Every time something unpleasant happens I keep telling myself to thank the Almighty… for trimming a bigger misfortune into this small one for me. The feeling is calming, humbling. Over time, it takes away the urge to keep competing endlessly and to find your own level. Much like water… keeps you going over all the ups and downs till you find that serene spot to pool in and relax.


  8. Very true Ya.. with time we stopped seeing the blessings in life.. taking everything..everyone casually… every breathe we take is a magic indeed.. waking up in the morning is a magic itself.. the people we have around us.. our family.. friends..Are nothing but a magic.. a miracle and blessing.. really thankful to God.. for each and every small thing in life.. showering his blessings on us.. thanks for this blog… which gives us a reminder again..


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