Today we ask this question to ourselves…



What does this question mean to you?

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6 thoughts on “Today we ask this question to ourselves…

  1. What is a problem?
    A perspective?
    A point of view?
    What seems a problem to me might be a super easily manageable situation for you or a challenge you would love to take on. Or it might be seemingly nothing and I might create a huge ‘problem’ out of it.
    If it truly seems a problem, just remember that we are never faced with a problem that we do not already have the resources to resolve – just know this and you can face anything.
    All the solutions we need are within us…
    And if you feel you don’t find answers, don’t see solutions…. ask – what else is possible here? What is right about this I am not getting?
    Many a times, in retrospect, today’s problem becomes a moment of gratitude tomorrow. We may not see the ‘good’ in or the ‘need’ of the problem when it first arises.


  2. I feel the solution to all our problems is within ourself, as the same problem is perceived differently by different people. Their is certain degree of subjectivity to each problem and also its seriousness. The same problem that bogs down some can be taken by others in its stride. Therefore, first effort should be to find the solution within oneself.

    Sometimes reviewing one’ thought process after sometime is also useful, because time lapse does have an effect on our thinking. Often the problems is actually not so severe as we perceive it in the first instance.

    Sometimes it becomes really difficult to handle a situation, in such cases one should try to add perspective to the problem. This can be done by confiding it to some one close. Articulating your problem may not only change your own approach, but also pave scope for adding neutral and objective opinion to the issue (view of your confidante).

    I strongly believe that many time confiding one’e problem is the most effective approach as it gives a neutral perspective to it, and I am sure it would work out in a situation where “the way we perceive the problem is a part of the problem itself”.


  3. Problem???
    It all depends on our view
    Everyone has problem
    It may be big for me but for other it may be nothing r small.

    Hv u heard the title song of ‘tarak mehta ka ulta chasma’
    There is a line stating “…arey problem ka solution hai sirf nazaria alag…..”

    Its all depends on our mind

    If the problem presists we have to find solution for it . Never let it to matter how much u fall,never give up. Just wipe the sand and rise again


  4. The way v perceive the problem means how v look at it. Do v look at it as a problem which is difficult impossible to solve n start asking questions like why me?
    OR v look at it this way…lets look at the facts n see how v can move forward from here. Whatever has come my way has been sent to me for a purpose.
    When u start looking at it this way…u start looking for solutions instead of focusing on the problem itself…


  5. For solving a problem we need to be away from it… dettached from it… if we stay attached to the problem.. it’s the part of the problem
    I hv always experienced.. that when we solve others problem.. solutions come easily… but when we say this is my problem.. it becomes very difficult. That is attachment. To consider problem as My Problem. When u get detached…it’s more easy… and best solutions come..
    I also believe that every problem carries the solution within itself… we just need to be at peace and wait for the solution to come out of it..


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