The quote sounds so good.

But how many of us truthfully know what this means?

Being unconditionally loving…

Being a parent how many times do we lose it?

Do we expect understanding
Love or respect from the child?
Don’t we momentarily hold back when it’s not there?

Being a spouse…
How much difference(our spouse being different from us) do we close our eyes to? How many times is it ok not to receive love understanding respect or patience?
And still give “love”?

Being a child how many times do we listen quietly to the tirade(lecture) … Of anger or expectation or correction…

How many friends do we honestly take on accept completely, just as they are unconditionally?

WHY must we be unconditionally loving I ask you today?

Why are we not always unconditionally loving?

Do we EXPECT love respect Understanding?

And what if the other person( your child, spouse , parent or friend) does not have it in them to give you?

So we get angry or keep a distance or even break the relationship?

To teach them to give us better ?
Can we really teach anyone?
Or is there something we need to learn?



Hammering change!

image Have you ever tried unscrewing the cap to a bottle which just wouldnt budge..

We try and try,
Try it with a cloth,
Try warming it up,
Try it with a new set of hands(sometimes many 😊)
Then we also let it down for a while.

But we dont really let up..

When we are faced with trying times in everyday life
Situations with a colleague,A friend, A sibling, A parent Or a child..

We sometimes believe it takes out all of us.

But what if its just meaning to readjust us.
To ply our fixed opinions.
To stretch our limits to our capacities.
To jerk our tenacious resistance to change
To wiggle our anchored prejudices.
Or skew what we believe we see.

Oh! thouroughly jolt the limiting labels we place on ourselves…

Yes its unbearable sometimes,
Its messy ,
But then, do we allow as easily..?

So look again…
What is indeed happening?

The workings of the universe

Every morning I send something out to friends on Watsapp. Along the lines of something that I was ruminating , the previous evening or something that I was forced to face or re look at, while trying to understand what a friend was facing at the same time.So I sent this Image specially pertaining to a particular friend’s experience In Chandigarh.


Around the same time we ladies were brainstorming on the content of our blog. Not aggressively but just leaving a lot of easy comfortable spaces to let each of our subconscious’ chew and we had  our mental muscles agile & energies vibrant . We were primarily perceptive to anything that could come our way.

Simultaneously A friend Sujatha Renganathan from Indore (who had no clue of our discussions about the blog or the message I had sent earlier that morning) sends me this beautiful image like a quirk hand of the universe in action …

IMG-20141126-WA0005with these lines : “Perception is ones own: a piece of leaf or the prettiest smile seen naturally …”

Bringing to me the refreshing thought that even simple images like these can initiate a discussion here on a blog. Yes! We were watching other people connected to us, assisting us  and prodding us to bring shape and life to this blog . Each of them as if magically brought to us. We were getting a warm feeling of gratitude. As if that was not sufficient, As soon as i shot out this image from Sujatha, to my friends, another friend Richa arora from Jallandhar sends me this one in reply :

IMG-20141126-WA0013To perfectly tie up the experience with a snug bow! Richa had replied to the previous image , giving us another perspective on the same topic. Oh yes! We had started a discussion purely with images.

Thank you girls, each of you helped create this piece!

See how we are connected? See how what we give out to others or to each of the fundamental pieces of energy of this universe , is returned to us , not necessarily by the same people or in the same time frame..

Just by slowing down everything that had happened over a few hours, we were able to watch the universe in action.  We were pleasantly surprised. We felt confident knowing a magnanimous supportive hand by our sides. This firmly anchored our trust in the mechanics of the Universe. These events nudged us to

  1. Open and expand ourselves out
  2. Pour out our creative energies freely,
  3. Fine tune our frequencies, to keep it open and unobstructed.

oh! and were we having Fun!!

Im sure many of you have had such experiences , we invite you to share them here with us to multiply this feeling of faith and awe. This familiar quote comes to mind :