Not Gossiping …Just a little venting…



Women and men too talk to discuss their woes or even something that worries them about another person, only to brain storm . We think we are trying to find the best way to look at it , or get stronger .. hence we discuss. Sometimes it is just to let out that which has been tied in the mind for a while…that which has been stagnant for some time (thoughts and repeated thoughts)
Now it needs to come out in either words , tears or even anger…generally with a friend.

While venting works as a catharsis (releasing) process.. many times it has adverse effects.
Like famous Japanese author photographer and researcher Masaru Emoto proved that the words we speak affect the water which is 70% of our bodies and in turn affects us giganormously.

These are photographs of frozen water and the crystals that are formed after having repeated these words or thoughts above water :


So too whatever “WORDS” we decided to pour out to  a friend or bash it out with our spouse effects both the speaker and the listener.

Similarly Dr David Hawkins proved that the feelings we feel or carry within us INCREASES or REDUCES not just OUR energy levels but it expands outwards and affects the energy levels of everyone around us. Dr Hawkins further proves the feelings we repeatedly share to different people can uplift the energy levels of a  whole city or sink it too.

HAWKINS1 energy
And since we all are connected as stated and proved by neuroscientist Vilayanur Ramachandran who nicknamed certain mirror neurons-Gandhi neurons, because they essentially link us all together. He proved that our brain is hard wired to automatically imitate, learn and imbibe just about anything that we watch or hear – habits, emotions, reactions even civilizations were created by these very neurons and their uncanny ability to mirror anything that has been observed by any of our senses! Then imagine what happens when when we hear or watch or have some feelings put repeatedly into words while venting?
What that means is that even though we are individuals, our connection to the whole is just as important to the nature of our very existence.

You can see more details in this video:

The neurons that shaped civilization – VS Ramachandran

Hence venting doesn’t heal… It leads to multiplying or spreading the problem or the challenge like a wild fire can in a forest!

Most times we discuss with a 3rd person instead of having to hash it out with the same person… This leads to a smooth uninterrupted spreading of negative energy  & vibrations and also creating an image and a platform for that person in our minds. Then any future interaction or communication you may have with this person (about whom you have discussed animatedly with someone )would take place on that very platform or background you have created in your mind’s canvas about this particular person.
Example :
If someone made a passing remark about your employee who works for you or colleague or maid-“ she doesn’t stick at a job for too long”.
Every time this employee or colleague behaves in a certain way or takes a day off, you are going to look at her/him with the information you have carefully filed away in your mind until now and it is now your platform or environment from which you will draw responses or reactions.

What if the person genuinely has a problem , or even needs our help …. but we fail to see or even understand the person in fact we are completely unable of looking at the person with new eyes as we have closed out every other possibility with the story firmly in place in our heads, a story put in by someone else.

Also when we vent we have found an easy but absolutely futile way of handling the problem. We actually fool ourselves into thinking that the problem is handled.

But has it been handled ?- NO!

Unless we speak or discuss directly with the person concerned it is not handled.
It is definitely harder speaking our minds to the person concerned. It is a humungous task for our egos too , as we may appear vulnerable or maybe even needy and some of our own flaws need to be placed on the table when we need to communicate directly with the person.

But any other way – gossiping , discussing with another friend or venting …all of these do they come anywhere close in making you or the other person stronger? Or fixing the Problem? Should we discuss and talk repeatedly of how wrong or bad things are ? or how we can make it better?What would you do starting today?


Coming to my senses

imageHumans have a multitude of senses:

Sight (ophthalmoception), hearing (audioception), taste (gustaoception), smell (olfacoception or olfacception),and touch (tactioception) are the five traditionally recognized senses.

There are few other sensory modalities which include:

Temperature (thermoception), kinesthetic sense (proprioception), pain (nociception), balance (equilibrioception),vibration (mechanoreception), and various internal stimuli (e.g. the different chemoreceptors for detecting salt and carbon dioxide concentrations in the blood).

Some species of animals are able to sense the world in a way that humans cannot:

Dogs can hear in frequencies ranging from around 40 Hz to 60 kHz.
Humans can hear in frequencies ranging from 12 Hz to 20 kHz .The olfactory (sense of smell) cortex is 40 times bigger in dogs than it is in humans and up to 100 million times more sensitive.The human nose can sense up to 4,000 to 10,000 different smells (dogs can sense around 30,000 to 100,000).Dogs don’t have the greatest clarity of vision, but they can see motion much better than us humans. For example, dogs have been shown to be able to differentiate between their owners from distances of up to 900m. However, that’s only the case if you are moving.

some species are able to sense electrical and magnetic fields, and detect water pressure and currents.

Our senses differ with species and age. So our perception of what is real is not only different but not entirely complete or True

Günter Wächtershäuser (born 1938 in Gießen), a German chemist turned patent lawyer, is mainly known for his work on the origin of life. He stated the life form originated as 2 dimensional beings.

Imagine the restriction of perception that these beings  had of their surroundings .They would see a square while we see a cube. They would see a circle where we see a sphere (since we have 3 dimensional perception)

Few scientists like Einstein and Minkowski have proposed a fourth dimension which would throw a spanner in the works of whatever we have perceived through our limited senses… so far. I honestly can’t even imagine what it is that we would observe if we were capacitated to perceive the 4th dimension

The loss of sight in visually impaired people is compensated by other senses being heightened. A new study, published in The Journal of Neuroscience, shows people who are born deaf use areas of the brain typically devoted to processing sound to instead process touch and vision. A large body of evidence shows when the brain is deprived of input in one sensory modality, it is capable of reorganizing itself to support and augment other senses, a phenomenon known as cross-modal neuroplasticity.Perhaps more interestingly, the researchers found this neural reorganisation affects, how deaf individuals perceive sensory stimuli, their perception in certain areas is far Superior to people with normal hearing.

Most of our ideas and beliefs we hold on to dearly are arrived upon, with little information most times and a skewed perception. Skewed or distorted due to our limitations of our senses.

So what if we strive to shift our focus… To see through a different vantage point, a different angle, maybe we could see something that we never saw before. Something that may surprise us pleasantly. What if we did not tie ourselves to any theory about anything no matter how “logical” our reasoning may have been to ourselves.
And most times since we have arrived at conclusions, theories or even principles we miss out on something that is in reality there but we fail to perceive!

Let look at some conclusions we arrive at or logical results we have filed away neatly in our little cabinets:

I don’t have the time.
This is too hard.
I’m tired.
I can’t swim so fast.
I can’t sleep.
I worry too much.
I hate noise.
I can’t remember names.
I can’t learn this now.
I’m only meant to do this.
I’m only meant to look after people
This is not my cup of tea

Similarly about others:
My mother in law just can’t understand
The shop keeper is definitely lying/conning me and other people
She/ he has no respect for me or other people
My child doesn’t ever listen to me
My husband doesn’t care .
My employee/ maid/ colleague just can’t do their work right.
People will fool/con me I need to be alert.
She/he is so ….

Even the ones that are not negative…
I’m beautiful.
I’m good at cooking.
I love chocolate.
I’m fast
I’m a fitness freak
I’m a cleanliness fanatic.

What if these are just limitations….
What if these labels don’t define but confine?
What if we don’t really perceive what we “truely” are… Or others are..
What if we don’t have a limit…
What if we, like the visually impaired, have to mute or tune out the information gathered by our senses to open ourselves up, so as to open our other senses up? Our other capabilities?
What if what we see feel or know Is not just “it” but “More”

Can we see “MAGIC” today?

unnamedUs walking was once a miracle our parents treasured . They waited with abated breath to watch.

So was the 1st sight of the eyes that blinked up at us in feeble recognition when our  children were born.

So were the 1st words that we spoke when we were born – heart melting.

Now where has all this magic gone? Is it all gone?

No, just considered routine..everything about ourselves and everyone we see is now considered normal and obvious.

We crave for more..

To be as good looking as her.
As prosperous as him.
More influential than her.
More sharp witted than him.

And once we arrive at the more, don’t we want more?
Some of us even gloat and show others we are better than them?

What are we taking for granted today ?

What blessing are we not acknowledging?

What are we truely grateful for today?

What do I choose to wear today?

imageI feel like pink today.
Is my hair perfect?
Is my outfit ironed creaseless.
Do these earring match up?
And my hands.. I need something here that would complete this picture…
Yes now that’s perfect!

So lets spend some time watching our thoughts that pass through our head. Yes they are plentiful these “thoughts ” just like our wardrobe…
We dont fight the clothes we dont want but some are still there in our closet, so too these thoughts they are there yes.
Let’s spend some time choosing The emotions that come forth from these thoughts.
Let’s invest some time choosing our accessories .. Our reactions also birthed from those very thoughts.

Let’s pick just as carefully…

So what is it “we” choose today?


This poem has been penned by Purva Passi from Gurgaon

Saw a little girl traveling down a road,
Struggling to find someone to call her own…
People around, everyone she belonged to,
But something was amiss, someone wasn’t home…
She smiled and cried to please whoever she saw,
Told them stories so everyone would grow…
With every story she told,the more she tired,
Mired in all the patterns to uphold…
Time passed, her family grew, the more they grew the little she knew,
Kept missing the approval of someone she knew, long forgotten but a memory so true…
And one day all hell broke loose,
She took the step the only one she knew.
It changed her completely and suddenly she grew…
Came out of her shell so she could prove,
I’m not daddy’s little girl, I need to bloom..
And again she looked for someone, someone she knew,
This time she found her in the mirror of her room.

This was then shared by Another friend :