Can we see “MAGIC” today?

unnamedUs walking was once a miracle our parents treasured . They waited with abated breath to watch.

So was the 1st sight of the eyes that blinked up at us in feeble recognition when our  children were born.

So were the 1st words that we spoke when we were born – heart melting.

Now where has all this magic gone? Is it all gone?

No, just considered routine..everything about ourselves and everyone we see is now considered normal and obvious.

We crave for more..

To be as good looking as her.
As prosperous as him.
More influential than her.
More sharp witted than him.

And once we arrive at the more, don’t we want more?
Some of us even gloat and show others we are better than them?

What are we taking for granted today ?

What blessing are we not acknowledging?

What are we truely grateful for today?