The quote sounds so good.

But how many of us truthfully know what this means?

Being unconditionally loving…

Being a parent how many times do we lose it?

Do we expect understanding
Love or respect from the child?
Don’t we momentarily hold back when it’s not there?

Being a spouse…
How much difference(our spouse being different from us) do we close our eyes to? How many times is it ok not to receive love understanding respect or patience?
And still give “love”?

Being a child how many times do we listen quietly to the tirade(lecture) … Of anger or expectation or correction…

How many friends do we honestly take on accept completely, just as they are unconditionally?

WHY must we be unconditionally loving I ask you today?

Why are we not always unconditionally loving?

Do we EXPECT love respect Understanding?

And what if the other person( your child, spouse , parent or friend) does not have it in them to give you?

So we get angry or keep a distance or even break the relationship?

To teach them to give us better ?
Can we really teach anyone?
Or is there something we need to learn?